Are you wondering whether you are a SoulPreneur? Or what a SoulPreneur is?

Then wonder no longer, here are some insights..


As a SoulPreneur you are in business or creating a business because you listened to the call of your heart

and the yearnings of your soul.

What you do is who you are, who you are is what you do.

You can't NOT do this work. It is what you were born to do.

​Your business is designed to help the world towards a positive transformation.

You feel tremendous gratitude that you get to do exactly what you love doing AND you get paid well for it.

If you resonate with above insights, then you are in fact a SoulPreneur. Not that it is important to tag yourself, but it helps you understand why you are doing things your way, and not following some guru's guide on how to..


As a SoulPreneur myself, I know what you've been through or maybe even going through...

The process of becoming who you are on a soul level in human form, is the single most scariest journey found to date.

Yet it is also one of the most important journeys you can embark to shine your light. 

Being a SoulPreneur, I've come to the realization that it is only by embracing all of me consciously, that I can actually be of service.

That I can make a difference. The work that I offer here is what I'm here for.

Offering you my help as an energy worker and designer to help you shine your light.

When you are your business and your business is you, it is of most importance that the energetic frequencies of you and your brand identity are in alignment, to send clean, high and coherent vibrations out to the world!



If you are encountering some sort of misalignment, you might want an energy reading of your business and yourself, to see how the frequencies are vibrating. Did you know that a misalignment in frequencies between you and your brand identity can have you attracting the "wrong" clients for your business? The ones that don't really appreciate you, nor your work? Did you know that a mismatch in the frequencies of your brand identity and your personal frequencies can create disharmony to your entire brand, and therefor business? And most importantly did you know that aligned frequencies can create flow, harmony and alignment with your true clients? The ones that you are here to help? 

As mentioned above when you are a SoulPreneur it is of most importance that the energetic frequencies of you and your brand identity are in alignment, to send clean, high and coherent vibrations out to the world!

If you aren't completely happy with your brand identity color, flow isn't constant in your business and if you want to take the first step towards frequency and energy alignment as a SoulPreneur, you can start with a free Color reading on your brand identity. The reading is a mixture of energy work and academic knowledge. I do the reading, then we meet on Skype / Whats App, where we talk about the energy and frequencies, and any changes that can be made, to help you take small, yet powerful steps towards a business transformation.

The Web reading I offer, is a thorough examination of your website, your personal frequencies and clients. It is through a mixture of energy work and my academic knowledge on web usability, user adaptation, color codex and typo, that I offer this reading. I do the reading prior our session, when we meet on Skype / Whats App I pin point any frequency misalignment and together we talk about what you can do to create harmony on your website.

Apart from my reading and a 30 minute online meet up, you also get 1 follow up Q&A email, where I'll answer any questions and offer support on you website makeover.


The Brand Identity reading is a reading where ALL of my academic knowledge on brand identity, user adaptation, web usability, color codex, typo, layout and energy work, are used to offer you a reading on your Brand Identity and your website. I tune into your energies, both personal and business and clients prior our session.

On our session, I offer advise on any changes - small or big - that can be done to align your frequencies.

We discuss different possibilities and steps you can take to create harmony and eventually transform your Brand Identity and Business. With this reading you get a 60 minute online meet up, and two follow up Q&A emails, where I'll answer any questions and offer support on any of the things we discuss on our session and the steps you take towards a Business transformation.


I offer Brand Identity design for SoulPreneur's, if there is an energy match between you and me.

As a Graphic Designer, Architect and Energy Worker, I offer different solutions, depending on your needs. It might be anything from a logo and color board, to a more extensive Identity solution to an interior make over. Most importantly, like the readings I offer, my design is tuned into your frequencies, and will represent you on every level.

If you feel I'm the one to create your Brand Identity, send me a few lines with your thoughts.

I'll get back to you when I tune in to your energy.

Remember Energy is all there really is. Everything is energy. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

So why not make the most of it and use frequency alignment to be what you want to become.

​© 2021 by Elina Ochoa

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