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is a lifestyle that supports and enriches you to live more with less. A simple approach to life, where you are the conduit of your own reality.


Living more with less can be challenging in a world that emphasizes living more with more. So guidance and support is what Elina has to offer. She can be of service to you if:


  • you are seeking guidance to simplify your life.

  • you want to build your own home, and need guidance to initiate the first steps, make a plan or just someone to talk the process through

  • you are drawing your own self-building project, and need architectural support to make the most of your square meters.


You can connect with Elina directly through the link below to set up an initial online-meeting.

This meeting is to asses the extent of the support needed, align expectations and just to see if we are the perfect match.

It is that initial ”free coffee” in the studio and doesn't cost you more than your time.


1 hour guidance session: 1295,- DKK / 173 USD*

Buy three sessions: 3295,- DKK / 439 USD*


Online / Zoom, Signal or WhatsApp

Payment options: Paypal.

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please contact me at least 24 hours prior your booking to avoid being charged. If you cancel later than 24 hours prior your booking, the payment will be non refundable. You can reschedule your booking up to 24 hrs prior your booking.

Privacy Policy: All information shared with me is strictly for the purpose of helping you. I will not share any of your personal details with other parties - neither your story nor your personal contact details.

 I keep billing information up to 5 years as per legislation, in an old school note book.

* subject to change with current valuta exchange

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