Small living is what Elina calls a lifestyle, lead by simplicity, your heart and your core values. It is a lifestyle that nourishes and supports a simple and fulfilling life, so that all aspects of your life; your emotions, your space, your values, your finances, your tribe all comply to fulfill your deepest truth in your day to day life. Small living has a small impact on the world, yet a huge impact on your internal world. Small living is all about Living More with less.

Elina has for more than15 years researched and gained hands on experience with small living. It all started before architecture school when she had to downsize her belongings by half to fit in a small apartment. Her life has since that initial downsizing taken her further along the rabbit hole. To integrate all aspects of her life, to align with her deepest truth. She knows that Small living is a personal journey. She has gone through the various stages and process required to become comfortable with this lifestyle and knows that you might need support during the transition towards Small living.


This guidance is rooted in simplicity, your core values and what you heart desires in life. The guidance comes from years of research and hands on experience with Small living and a heart lead lifestyle. 


I’m an intuitive, architect and human being and have the wisdom and knowledge to help you through the different phases one must undergo, to live More with less. Topics we might tap onto are, functionality, multifunctionality, norms, belongings, daily choices, space, location, finances, organization, values, dreams, emotions, tribes and communities and so much more.

As an expert and an advocate for small living, I know how to get you to that place where all areas of your life comply the wonders of simplicity. I guide you, by enhancing simplicity in your day to day life. Inspiring you to create (necessary) change by connecting you to your core values and needs. In the process you'll work on many levels and planes towards a simple and nourishing life, held in a simple and functional space.


This guidance emerges from your stand point and leads us, towards the steps that are called for attention during the session(s). Which steps are vital now are individual, yet they all tap into coping mechanisms, external programming and unconscious choices.

In this service you will have time to reflect, to integrate and to feel. You will have guidance and support in me. We will solidify your hearts desires, core values and create a plan for action.


1 hour session: 1200,- DKK

Buy three sessions: 3000,- DKK


Online / Zoom or Whats App

Payment options: Paypal or Mobilepay.

Cancellation Policy: For cancellations, please contact me at least 24 hours prior your booking to avoid being charged. If you cancel later than 24 hours prior your booking, the payment will be non refundable. You can reschedule your booking up to 24 hrs prior your booking.

Privacy Policy: All information shared with me is strictly for the purpose of helping you. I will not share any of your personal details with other parties - neither your story nor your personal contact details.

 I keep billing information up to 5 years as per legislation, in an old school note book.