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Your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit

This blog post is more of a note to self, rather than anything else. I find myself using the term my higher self and soul as synonymous. They are however two different terms, not miles apart from one another, yet not the same. This is what I'm tapping into at this moment, if it's true or not, I don't know. But I do know that I resonate with it, and therefor I'm sharing this in case you where wondering. Always as everything else, feel into your truth, as that is where your answers lays.

But let me start from the beginning. Your spirit is you without your physical body, it is the part that you know now, your individuality. When its freed from time and space, and no longer has a physical body it is a facet of the multidimensional being that you are.

If you then move upward through your consciousness levels, you will "bump" into your higher self. Your higher self is the highest and most evolved version of who you can become in this physical body suit that you are wearing now. Your higher self, always knows whats best for you, as to regards to what you came to achieve in this lifetime. Your higher self is the part of the Soul that have decided for this experience in time. It is our mission in this lifetime to integrate the wisdom of our Higher Self into this human form.

The Soul, is the higher level of consciousness, that decided the experience it wanted to have through our body in this current reality. It is our Soul, that knows the teachings and lessons we are here to acquire and achieve. Our Soul has laid out a plan, where we evolve from. This plan is not set in stone, the teachings and lessons are, yet we have always our free will, and therefor whether we evolve quickly or slowly depends on us. How much suffering we experience is entirely up to us. Do we learn first time round or second or third?

Now in this shift we are experiencing at this moment going from the 3D to 5D reality, is the merging with our Higher Self and Soul in our human form. It is something that should be seen as an extreme privilege, to be your highest potential guided by your Soul in human form. This merge comes, to some suddenly and for others it takes much suffering and the decision to end it, to achieve the embodiment of your Higher Self. When your consciousness levels heighten and you anchor more of your Higher Self's wisdom into this reality, life starts to change and mayor shifts happen in your life and reality. This process we undergo, is pretty amazing, yet also overwhelming at times. The shift consists of 12 different phases, which I will explain in an other blog, but for now, focus on being the best version of you, and feel the magic swirling in your life!

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