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Why is my web so crisp and clean, you might ask..


so yeah you might wonder why my website is so clean, with so few blog posts and still somethings on the way.

It is because, while doing the work I do, I was trying to figure out how to offer it to the world. To you. I have used the past six month to explore myself in business and tried to follow my heart in a world that is controlled by the mind. I have taken some de-tours, that although time consuming, wouldn't have been without. I wouldn't be here today, so clear in my vision without those de-tours. So thanks to them. I recently got struck by what felt like lighting. Everything went very clear and just right very quick out of now where. And then it all got dense and dark all of a sudden, so while the vision stayed in my heart, I had to let go of ego and darkness, before this could come to light.

I have a whole bunch of blog post on one of my de-tour sites, that I would love to share with you.. however they are all in danish! so while I translate them please know that I have a lot to share. And all will come in time.

I don't have a prescription for this blog. It will be driven by my heart. So what ever comes up, I'll share with you. It may be deep and transforming or light and flowing. It might be from my heart, but it might be someone else's heart that just touched me deeply.

Here is too de-tours and transformation on a soul level. Too life missions and heart visions. Too you, too me, too life.

Welcome <3

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