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What is compassionate release..

As a human being in this reality, I have become a great healer of the self. I have learned, the hard way, how to heal myself, so to be able to thrive in this world. I have, for as long as I remember healed myself, through compassionate release. I have used frequencies, to immerse myself in the pain so to be able to face it and then release it, compassionately. The frequencies served as nurturing energies, that would hold the space and the frequencies for me to be able to come back, after a deep dive and exploration.

When I talk about compassionate release, I talk about facing your pain, accepting it and thanking it, maybe even forgive it. I'm not talking about changing the mindset, nor to proclaim that the pain is there because it's the thing you need at the moment to learn from it. All those things are true, however, it is easier said than done. What I talk about, is showing kindness to the pain. To your self, for feeling this pain. To just seeing the pain from an other perspective. I believe that when things come up, it is because we are ready to face them, and to see them wholeheartedly, and not from an egocentric perspective. I know that when facing the pain, more pain will arise, partly to the unexpected reappearance, and also for the feeling of still "being there", a feeling of non-evolution. It is therefor a deeper pain we embody when healing it. When we embrace the feelings of the now - the pain that feels non-evolutionary, we heal the past, and change the future.

This pain contain great lessons and growth. It gives you many opportunities. When you show the pain compassion, the pain will stay with you for some time, it might be an hour, it might be a few days. The pain will then feel heard and seen, and with that it will, when ready, transmute for the highest good. See the pain as a toddler. When the toddler asks for attention, you as an adult have two options, you can meet the toddler in their needs, and they will quickly move on to the next thing or you can deny the toddler your attention, and the toddler will walk away for a short amount of time, but will sooner rather than later come back with even bigger crave for attention. All the toddler wants is to be seen, to feel the presence of your being. It might even just want to show you something totally amazing for you to see and to follow their evolution. Compassion dissolves pain, it dissolves anger, which is the biggest blockage to flow and growth, it gives you a deeper understanding of the whys behind any old pain that might arise. Most importantly compassion shows that you are ready to release the pain, because you know that you are worth to be pain free, you show yourself and the universe that you love yourself more. It is through an understanding of the pain that you can become free of the pain. You put yourself in a position of choice, and have the ability and power to choose release rather than anger and agony.

I've recently gone through some really dark things. Some things that I worked through the past year, yet sometimes they still arise. Because I have healed the wounds, the pain just arises as a reminder of what was, it arises to show me how much I've grown, because although I feel the pain, I am completely detached from it. And gives me the opportunity to see things more clearly. It is an opportunity for me to grow and evolve further. I don't have the possibility to embrace pain, the way I used to. Immersing myself and dive deep is currently not an option, I need to be very "productive" in my healing, the immersion into the pain is my current challenge. While I before would take time "off" or just allow my pain and sadness to be, I'm now the pillars of a family, so quick release is what I work on and with. I use all of my energy wisdom and incorporate that into my daily life, so the work becomes quicker. I see, feel and embrace all at once. Yet I don't release it, until it's time. It's through perfect timing that compassionate release can be achieved. You'll know when the time is right, and when it is, remember to thank your pain for showing you the amazingness it had in store for you. It will only thrive and want to become the best version of itself, by transmuting for the highest good!

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