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To awaken, ascend and love

The other day I had an epiphany. It was like get hit by lighting and to be lit by a thousand suns. It was both painful yet so comforting to get to that aha moment, where so many things suddenly became obvious.

When ascending and waking up to reality, your frequencies heighten, your consciousness rise and your reality as you have known it so far crumbles underneath your feet. You get push to a place where no turning back is possible and where you become the expectator of your life. You get to see the programs imposed upon you through lifetimes and you see how those very same programs are the poppeters of your reality, and - previous - consciousness. You see everything very clearly, and it is as if you have just reached a new mark. I have been able to see the programming for many years now and clearly distanced myself from such, however the aha moment recently was like seeing the program of programming in full action.

I saw how we are offered the possibility to choose the programs we want in this current life, so to be able to ascend and awaken to our truest self, with such lessons learned, that they become the drivers of your path in this reality. When we are able to detect the programs that we choose to awaken from in this reality, ascension feels like an elevator ride from zero point to infinite in no time. You get butterflies in your stomach, you feel dizzy and you lose sense of time and space. You become the non attached expectator to life, and see everything in different stages: the pain, the work and the evolution or the ignorance. We get the choice whether we want to keep that program within our existence or to release it and evolve. Neither is good nor bad, it just is. It is what makes you, you today. Those programs that you keep are the ones that weigh you down, but are also the ones that are going to give you a first row ticket to the awakening process and ascension.

When you go from ignorance to acknowledging the pain, evolution becomes a reality, you wake up and you take the reins to your life back from victim hood to creator. The more you acknowledge, feel and work through those programs, the quicker you evolve and the quicker you can share your light with others. The quicker you can become a way shower for others to go through the painful acknowledging that is required to awaken and ascend. There is no way out of this. We all have to go through this. The option lays whether you want to ascend with lightness or the heaviness of ignorance. Acceptance of the programming is what comes most naturally, because we have always been imposed them upon us, in this current reality it's all we really know. The key however, lays in the fact that you can choose whether you want to accept them or transmute them, because those programs aren't you, they are external beliefs systems that prevent you from being who you really are. They are there for you to stay in a box, for you to be part of a system that you are just not meant to be part of! By being part of a system you see your self as a separated piece of a whole, instead of seeing it how it is, just a whole! We are one, and the systems want's us to feel otherwise. To create separation between you and me, between us - an unnatural state. Choose the light ascension, work through your pain, transmute the lower frequencies and ascend to reality. Become one again, become love.

The smallest step is the biggest step towards deprogramming. Love yourself. Because loving yourself, matches the frequency of love and matching a frequency is becoming a frequency. By loving yourself you become love!

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