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Tips to heighten your personal frequency.

I'm tying up loose ends, since I never finished my cavalcade on tips to heighten your personal frequency vlogging. No excuse, just doing while being, got the best of me. I might get to making the final videos, but for now, hope you are ok reading them here.

1: The most important thing you can do for yourself and your personal vibe, is to monitor your thoughts. Because what you think you become. So by monitoring your thoughts and becoming aware of them, you can literally create your reality. So think what you want to create. And high vibes come with a peaceful mind!

2: Along the line the first thing you can do, there is what you intake and fill your body with. You body is your living outfit, and the well being of your suit, is of great importance to your vibe. Whatever you intake, think of energies. Living vibrant foods, organically and locally grown, are imho the best source for nourishing your body. Alongside clean fresh water to rinse your system. Always think of energy, because the energy of the food you intake is going to feed your energy system.

2b: Alongside your high vibrating food and water, you also want to think in terms of what you feed your bodysuit and mind through your ears and eyes. Know this; there are very few corporations that OWN the media industry from which you are controlled through fear - which is one of the lowest vibrations you can vibrate. Fear simply is dis empowering. If you feed yourself with mainstream media, your are allowing the few corporations to create your reality. So think twice about what you IN TAKE, through all of your senses.

3: When you monitor your thoughts you become aware of the mind, and the power it contains. Now when you meditate, which is an other great thing you can do for your personal vibe, you not only become aware of your thoughts, with time, you learn to stop the non productive chatter. The chatter that can create havoc's on your vibe and non the least desired reality.

4: One of the most powerful things that I personally have adapted, that have changed my personal vibe, and my entire outlook on life, is adapting an attitude of gratitude. By becoming thankful and grateful for what is, instead of yearning for what can be, life becomes so much more fulfilling, than ever imagined. It is such an amazing and powerful practice, that I have decided to create a course for anyone interested, that needs guidance. Read more here.

5: By being active is a great way to loosen up stagnant energy, which is a great source to a low vibe. By moving your body, in whatever way you crave and pleases you, will help you release, that which is weighing you down. So start moving and vibrating higher.

6: Be mindful about what and who you surround yourself with. Do you decrease or increase your personal vibe, when somewhere or around someone? Trust your energy, it is a great indicator of whether it's good or bad for you. Want to vibe high, aim to be with and in places that support that! Mother earth is a great resource to higher vibes. Step out in nature!

7: This is another favorite, which is so simple, yet powerful a.f. Do what you love. Always do what you love. If you love dancing, dance. If you love singing, sing. If you love whatever, do that! When indulging in your favorite thing, you emanate joy, and joy, alongside love and gratitude are the highest vibrations you can embody. So do what you love, no matter what, nor even if it's just for a few minutes a day, just do it, and see the magic enveloping your life!

Now if you feel overwhelmed with this list, please don't!!! It is much easier than you think. Allow yourself to fully integrate every single one of those things, and you'll be a high vibrating human. Start with one that resonates with you, and start a "habit" so you get to experience that in your day to day life. When you feel that you are doing it effortlessly, move to an other point incorporating it like the first one... Keep developing these "habits" until you start feeling the changes you are creating in your life! You can also start with the forth thing I've mentioned above, this will help on several ways to heighten your personal frequency, and you will get guidance on a weekly basis!

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