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Dearest you,

Just wanted you to cheer you on the good work you are doing. Releasing the old to make way for the new, to allow your soul to blossom and show you the way. For your light to shine brightly like a lighthouse, for those who are lost. To show the way by being you, embracing all of you, and allowing every part of your being to be a catalyst for growth.

This solstice in particular is a super powerful gateway, where you have the opportunity to step into the unknown by releasing the old and allowing the new to enter your being. It is a gateway for growth and creation. It is a gateway to master your thoughts and energy. To believe in yourself and stand strongly in peace.

Allow yourself time today to be, and embrace the release, that will help you walk into this gateway. That will transform you beyond your wildest dreams. Allow yourself to let it go today, so you can move forth lighter and brighter. Allow yourself time to be, and the light to fill your being. So you dearest soul can be the lighthouse you were born to be. Stay happy, joyful and light.

In gratitude for life and this amazing portal, to allow me to see what is no longer serving me, and to have the strength to let it go effortlessly. To become more me, for each day I walk on this path of mine. To be joyful, happy and lighter. Preparing to let go, so I can fully be me. Allowing the pain to pass by, so I can release it in gratitude. Allowing the emptiness to be filled with light, so my vessel is filled to the brim. In gratitude I release the old wounds and pain that are hindering me from shinning. In gratitude I let it go today, for I am worthy of a life in joy, happiness and light. Because I too am a lighthouse that has to show the way towards light. Because the wounds are no longer serving me, and are worthy of transmuting for the highest good. I let it go today to step into this portal lighter and ready to embrace more light and allow my soul to embody me more than ever before.

Thank you solstice, for heighten the frequencies, and pushing the old to the surface. Thank you upcoming new moon, for creating a super powerful catalyst to step into the unknown lighter and brighter. Thank you for reading today. Thank you for being you. Thank you for shining your light. Thank you! Happy Solstice, Happy New Moon. Happy gateway!

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