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Lead from the heart ~ soulful living.

Living from the heart is probably our biggest desire as human beings. It is through our heart that our soul, our inner Being comes forth. It is through this space that you get to create yourself as the best possible version of you. I believe that when following your heart, life becomes easy, light and a dance on roses, so to speak. Living from the heart gives you a sense of serenity and establishes integrity within yourself, that creates balance in your energies and life.

Allowing the heart to take the reigns is hard and difficult. Especially if you come from a f place where your brain and your ego has had the compass. We - mostly in the west - live in a society where ego and left brain thinking is the norm. It is a tricky norm, as the ego and the left brain are fear and logic based. Which makes us follow a path with roots in fear, calculation and separation. Separation because it's all about me me me, and not us as a whole. Calculation because you try to foresee any given outcome from any given action. And fear due to the possible consequences that any given action might create. Which in a sense makes it all very ridiculous, as we aren't able to predict or think us to any given outcome, since we are not alone - hence the creation of separation, every action have several variables that we can't calculate. We can only think us to how we would act in certain situations but we can not and I will repeat we can NOT predict what everybody else will do in certain situations. Therefor is the calculation and fear useless in the sense that you don't have all the parameters to predict a certain outcome.

Right Brain: is connected with the heart. It is creative. Its sensitive. It is the ruler of the left side of the body. It is feminine. It is nurturing. It's your connection to your gut feeling.

Left Brain: is connected to the ego. It is logic. It is hard. It is the ruler of the right side of the body. It is masculine. It is connected to fear.

None the less, we are living like this because it is the norm. It is the norm, to listen to your ego and not your heart. I personally strive to live from the heart, but as a human being located in the west, I get caught up with my own left brain and ego activity and forget to let the heart space show me the way. Luckily I'm getting better at living like this and my daily lessons enables me to just step back, acknowledge the fear, thanking it and just do what the heart is yearning for anyway. Because one of my lessons are that life is just so much better when, heart has the reigns.

Lately I've felt fear all the time. But I've come to the awareness that when the heart shows it self, I am so much lighter and joyful, that I just try to not get caught up in the left brain spiral. Because any possible consequence that I might have calculated could occur can not measure itself with the relief that I feel in my entire Being, when listen and follow my heart.

There are a few tools that help me along the way, when fear gets to much..

The first one is daily mindful practices, such as yoga, meditation, working in the garden, anything that fills the heart with joy. I especially find intentional breathing helpful. Where I breath deeply until fear has left my mind. I make sure to make the exhales longer than the inhales, as to clear the energies in the body. For instance I would count to 8 while inhaling and count to 10 while exhaling. It is a yogic method to cleanse the body and I find it so simple yet so very helpful.

It also helps me to acknowledge the fear. As in seeing it, feeling it, thanking it and just do what ever provoked the fear anyway. To basically follow the heart. It might create some discomfort at first. But that will settle once you've experienced the beauty that comes with following the heart.

To summon up what I'm trying to say, here is a quote that describes it very easily

"It's impossible" said pride

"It's risky" said experience

"It's pointless" said reason

"Give it a try" said the heart

- Unknown

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