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Intuitive Gold 5.0

What is inspired action? When we talk about following our heart, and taking action to manifest our path before us. We are (mis)lead to believe that inspired action is easy, fun and straight forward. Yet, although all that is true, there is this little detail, that is left out. The detail being that inspired action is found outside our comfort zone. And so inspired action can also feel excruciatingly uncomfortable, anxiety causing and nerve wreaking. Because inspired action comes from above, from our higher self, who knows what we need to grow, it is guiding us outside our comfort zone to grow. Because as we all know our comfort zone is very comfortable, but not very suitable for growth. And so yes, as we are inspired to take action, when manifesting our path before us, we are faced with actions outside our comfort zone, only to make us grow, so we can accommodate that path we are dreaming of. So in the beginning of inspired action, you will most likely encounter discomfort, anxiety and fear, but know, that when you take that step, and take that action, then inspired action feels joyful, fun and easy. You find comfort in that and your comfort zone grows. And then your are inspired to take action yet again, for growth and fulfillment of your path.

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