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Intuitive Gold 2.0

I first got introduced to meditation at 14 years of age. So for the past 23 years I have been experimenting with different techniques to master this amazing practice, that is so mis-understood.

Most of us are taught that meditation is stopping the mind and emotions, so our experience of a void is dominant. After many trials and errors, and several attempts to stop my mind and emotions, I got the epiphany that stopping the mind and emotions isn't the goal. The goal - if any - is to become aware of your thoughts and emotions, so to achieve a detachment to them. This to be able to see and experience all, from different angels and perspectives. Because it is here the power lays, to be able to rise from any thoughts and emotions and see them for what they truly are. When you can master a detachment to your thoughts and emotions, you have the power to change them in a matter of seconds, and when you can do so, you can change your entire reality. Because as you know, your thoughts create your reality.

But why can't we turn of our thoughts and emotions... because we - you and me - are made of them in this human reality! It is our emotions and the thoughts of our mind that actually defines "us". Without them, we are back to being one with all, and not of this reality anymore. So my advise is, sit down to meditate, and become the observer of your thoughts and emotions. Watch them all from different angels, and when ready start redirecting your thoughts and emotions to the angel with the desired outcome!

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