Intuitive Gold 1.0

This is a new thing, sharing short and useful tips to help you along the way to becoming the best version of you in human form.

When your aura/your energy field is weakened, your higher self knows that, and guides you to compensate for the weakened colors/energies, through your foods, clothing and other things you can surround yourself with or do. For instance if you are pulled towards water; that being the lake, the oceon or a long bath, and you are craving lots of nuts and orange foods, it is most likely to compensate for a weakened sacral chakra, and the color orange missing or being weakened in your aura.

I've always known this, but just recently I've come across information, that it is an ancient Chinese health practice, to look at the cravings, clothing and doings for guidance on the health of the energy field. - And on a side note, when I was a kid I recited my past life as a Chinese servant to my mother. Oh the wisdom that our soul keeps for later practice.

So when you get intuitive promptings of things to eat, do or wear, do so. It is only for your own good.

much love xx

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