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Fear of light 2.0

When the darkness becomes so big, that it is impossible to see light, life as we know it becomes dense, intolerable and hard. Because we are "used" to this way, many have lived and are living in ways that aren't healthy nor accordingly to their highest good. When darkness is the norm, Fear is the ruler and the one that directs your Being in any given direction. A direction moving away from your path - your Light. Fear as the director of the play, becomes the puppeteer, the one in power. In control of your life.

Fear used to control, is a very common tool, used by people and instances to stay in power. Power that keeps the very few in control of the masses. When fear is planted, the effects can be very beneficiary for the people in power, but very hurtful to those been controlled. It is through fear that governments control the societies, it is through fear that the banking system creates money. It is through fear where false needs are created. Needs that promise you happiness, but deliver no such thing.

My take on fear – and I'm still learning here – is that the less you feed the Fear planted within your Being, the less it gets to grow. It is hard not to act in Fear, but none the less every action away from it, counts. When you accomplish your first action towards Light, you start seeing those strings attached to the puppeteer. You start wanting to release more and more, to become Light.

My first act towards light, was downsizing. It happen unconsciously, but none the less I felt it immediately. I was relocating and moved from a large apartment, fully furnished with my own stuff to a small bedroom in a shared apartment fully furnished by someone else's stuff. By eliminating (selling, giving away, donate etc) 2/3 of my belongings, I immediately felt lighter, and also started to feel more. My relocating created space for my Being, to show me ways that I needed to see, but couldn't because of clutter. Clutter that promised me happiness, and gave me everything but. Ways that indicated that happiness goes beyond material possessions.

Since then I've become very good at downsizing and do it for my self regularly. Partly for the benefits it gives in a matter of space to feel and Be and partly because through my lifestyle I redefine my needs daily. Needs that were planted by Fear and derive from the norms created by society. Needs that aren't coherent with my Being and my highest good. So by actively defining my needs tuned in to my Being and living accordingly, I deny Fear to control me and my life. By doing so I let my Light guide me towards happiness, a way of Being, that goes beyond any possession.

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