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Fear of light 1.0

Today I realized something quite interesting, something that I've always been aware of, but never felt so strongly as I'm doing in this very moment.

Self employment, being a single parent and trying to make all of the puzzles count, I've realized the importance of trust. Not just trusting yourself, and your abilities as a human Being, but trust in the universe that everything will be alright. A feeling, no a way of Being that is so important to be able to strive on a day to day basis. A way of Being that enables you to focus on the now. To live mindfully and not with a mind full.

Living trustfully is living of the heart, listening to your soul, and not letting fear getting in your head. Because that's the only place fear resides, in your head. Fear is the thoughts of what if's. The thoughts of the future, which is not the now. And which keeps your mind full. Fear, the utmost horrific feeling, that paralyzes the strongest person, that keeps you from acting and pushes you to react. A feeling so strong that shuts down the access to your gut instinct, where your heart and soul lives and talks to you.

Fear is a weapon, a weapon that very clever and manipulative people use to stay in charge, to keep their power, by planting small fearful seeds in you, that will grow into huge weeds that block out any light for the gentle and late bloomer. A weapon that controls the many and keeps people in the dark. A darkness so endlessly strong that lulls people to sleep. And it ain't beauty sleep, no, it is a very heavy and hypnotizing sleep. A sleep that gives you a role in a puppet show. A show called “Life in fear”. Luckily many of us are awakening from the sleep and cutting the strings to the puppet show. So the show now is called “Life”.

When you start awakening from the hypnotizing sleep, you become light and start seeing and questioning everything. You see the strings in the puppet show, and you wonder why. Why you slept for so long and why you stayed in the dark. You won't hit yourself in the head about it, because you know that there is no point. It is all a part of the process, the show. But you do use time to reflect, see, feel and map. Tools that enables you to see through the darkness that surrounds the society you live in, or have lived in for many years. You start seeing all the weapons the people in the powerful positions uses to keep you in darkness. And then suddenly you see it. You see that all of the weapons used to keep you in the dark are the one and same weapon. Fear disguised differently.

Fear is the opposite of trust. By trusting you allow your true essence – your Being – to shine and grow. Unfortunately fear can be very strong and occupy to much space in your head, cloud your vision and therefor not allowing trust to come forth. Trust is gentle and light, fear is hard and dark. Fear will – if allowed – fight Trust. Trust knows and flows, so it won't fight. But Fear will and it will fight and bully Trust.

It is not possible to fall asleep again once awake, but it is possible for Fear to bully Trust so much, that Fear regains the power of your head, and creates darkness within your light. What you need to remember, is that you are not part of the show anymore. You have cut your strings. And therefor, you have the power to find your light and live radiantly, so darkness and fear wont thrive and fill up your head. When you find your power and radiate light, you become very powerful, because Trust that the only fear Fear itself has is Light.

My encouragement is this: Live Trustfully in Light!


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