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Adapting an attitude of gratitude

Sometimes life happens and we encounter situations that disable us, from staying in our spiritual practice. That which is very crucial for our alignment with self, to maintain ourselves.

I personally experienced a huge shift in my practice over the course of two years going from a daily two hour yoga and meditation practice, to loosen the practice completely, to now have reignited with my practice to such an extent that suits my new normal. See I became a mother for little over two years ago. Becoming a mother brings many changes, and not being in charge of your own time is one of them. Although I fought for my practice, I had to let it go. And it took me some time to feel into the fact that I had to let it go, not only because I don't have two hours of pure stillness a day, to deepen in my practice, but because I have changed so much, that my then spiritual practice just doesn't fit my new me. Because let's face it, no matter how much you fight against it, becoming a parent just changes you, there is simply no way around it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an acknowledgement that came overnight, NO, it took many month of internal fight, of ego death, and many many tears, before I was ready to let go of the idea I had in my head of what a spiritual practice is. It took me time, to feel into what it is that a spiritual practice is for me. What a spiritual practice does for me.

And here is the thing. My spiritual practice is one little yet crucial thing, it is time for me to align with my soul. To center my energy, so I can go out and be in the world from a place of peace and integrity. And what I do to actually come back to myself, depends very much on where I am today. Meaning, what my practice consists of, depends of my energetic field, my current consciousness level and my ability to listen to my soul. And guess what, in my current reality, all of the above stated, changes fluidly with life. So I can't have a one that fits all kind of practice. I had to loosen up and welcome in the unexpected. I had to let go of the need to follow a certain form, and find my spiritual practice in the little things. In the mundane simplicities, that makes life beautiful and joyful. But to get here, to this very moment where I am able to embrace the soulful simplicities, took me persistent rewiring of my brain and releasing of old beliefs systems. It has taken me dedicated daily time to build an attitude of gratitude, because gratitude – alongside love – is of pure high frequency, that not only pushes the old to the surface for release, it also upgrades you, in ways that are immensely powerful, for the subtle eye to see. Gratitude is basically medicine for the soul.

And who doesn't want medicine for the soul. We are all here to heal from past wounds and allow our soul to expand into it's true form. I have encountered that gratitude has brought amazing changes to my life, that are all a by product of embodying gratefulness. Changes that are nudges from my soul, that encourages me to be, asking me to shine, and show you, who I am.

This part of my new fluid practice is based on positive psychology, energy work, self-healing and other knowledge I've gathered along the way. It is a combination of many many many practices boiled down to one, that it's so powerful, that the results are to be seen in a matter of weeks. It is such an awe inspiring practice. It is a journey into the unknown. A journey with roots in self healing, release and upgrading. It is so so beautiful. Somewhat painful at times, but worthwhile.

Because it has changed me on so many levels I have created a course, for you to embark into the unknown, with weekly guidance. It is a ritual for you to adapt in your day to day life and adapt an attitude of gratitude in a matter of weeks. It is a course for you to heighten yourself up from pain and the mundane. It is for you to open your eyes and see the amazingness in your life and in other fellow humans. If it resonates, please feel free to enroll. I can only highly recommend to do so if you want to change your life, by reprogramming your mindset and change your perspective! In gratitude for being able to share this.

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