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About Peaceful and Magnetic Blueprint

I'm in a place in life, where I've learned to trust my intuition, and to allow source to work trough me. That being said, I might not always fully understand the work I create, but I know the wisdom will come to me when I'm ready.

And so with my two creations: Peaceful and Magnetic blueprint, I had a similar experience. I knew I had to create it, and knew the power they both contain, however, I had difficulties explaining it to potential customers. I knew it was something with DNA upgrade and the change of your blueprint, but putting words was hard.

And so recently, the words came to me: both are light codes generators. Which makes total sense in my human brain. What happens when you immerse yourself in these beauties, is, you start moving into your right brain, where the connection to your higher self and intuitive wisdom resides. And so from there you create the exact light code you need in that particular moment. And so you experience a deep release, and co-create space for the new coming to you with this light code. It is huge and powerful. And so far out in the future that it scares the sh**t out of me. But these pieces are so powerful, that sometime in the near future, we will need them to help us through the massive shift that's coming our way.

And so now I know how to explain them to people. And with that I allow the work I do, to help you even deeper into your awakening proces, and to the healing of self and collective consciousness.

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