Intuitive Gold 3.0

When you live a life in a high frequency and suddenly drop in frequency. It is not that you have lost your light, nor your truth. It is because you need to move back to the place where that thing, that is weighing you down, is residing. So you can release it.


See, during our awakening proces, we move through layers of conditioning, programming and stories that are not ours to carry. And so as we move through these layers, we become lighter, in both the luminous state and the physical state of not weighing so much. And as we move through them, we encounter things that can trigger us, in ways that they never could be before. These triggers, are a sure sign that you are evolving, yet that you need to let go of a preconception of something. And so we need to move back to that layer, to observe the "thing" to be able to release it. When we do so - release that thing - we quantum jump right back to where we where before, and from there quantum jump further along our path. It is a magnificent proces, one that encourages you to observe that which comes up, so you can evolve and move on. 


And so you haven't lost your light, nor your frequency. You are actually working on something, that is going to help you further along your path. 


And please don't be disheartened by this. The back and forth proces between layers, might be hard in the beginning. Yet as you move through, the proces, and jumps becomes quicker and greater. So hang in there beauty. All is well.

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​© 2020 by Elina Ochoa

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