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Light language

This blog has been brewing for some time now. It feels as if I it's not necessary to write about such an immense and multidimensional things as light language, I know this on a soul level. I know that your soul knows the language of light, and there is no need to further explain it. Jet I know that not everybody comprehends it with their mind. And so that is why this blog is here now. For me light language has always been a part of me. Sometimes more actively than others, but always none the less. I don't have a need to question whether its right or wrong, it just is for me. It is an innate part of my being, that I have become more conscious about. Words as we know them seem poor to describe the power of the language of light. And therefor the brewing of this blog has been long, because how can you explain something that is needless of explanation? And how can you find words to something that is wordless, jet richer than the richest chocolate. The answer is I don't know, but I know that I need to try. Light language is vibration. Every vibration contains information. The form the vibration is created in depends on the channel delivering the information. So some people might sing, some might write, some might create, some might sign it and so forth. There are no limits to how this vibration and information can be delivered. The information derives from the word Love, jet not as we know it, it is such a deep and profund kind of love that it can touch and heal all. The information is light and love at the same time. It is profound, nourishing and powerfull and can only do "good". (I write "good" because there is in actuality not good nor bad, there is just is, and our vantage point decides how we receive what is.)  That is the beauty of it. There are many dialects you can say, actually it feels as if dialect is not quite the right word, but it is the word that I'll use here for the sake of describing the language of light. Every dialect still functioning through vibration, which is information. The dialects, indicate the origin of the information. And most likely the origin of the channel. Light language is a universal and multidimensional language that connects us all, across galaxies, timelines and origins. Another gem hidden within the language of light. The language of light is not a language as we understand it, it is not necessarily a language that we can translate with our mind, but it is a language that we can feel with our heart, our soul. It is vibration, it is energy in motion (e-motions) that have the ability to touch us deeply within. Now most of us here on earth right now, have an origin in other galaxies and so it is why most of us resonates with the language of light, once we become aware of our multidimensionality that is. Our multidimensionality is a part of us, that has always been within us, yet it is not until we awaken and step unto the ascension path that we actually activate and reconnect to those parts of us. An exiting bonus that comes with reawakening this innate language is that you get to experience the origin of 'your' dialect. You get to see and meet your multidimensional self, that is active on a different timeline in this now moment. You get to see the gifts hidden within you. Allowing and encouraging you to create with them. The information transmitted in the now moment is perfectly orchestrated to deliver the exact information needed in that moment to help you on whatever you might need help with. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. It is such a powerful language that small doses of it daily can enhance your well being manifold. It can literally change your life. It might not be all the 'dialects' that you'll resonate with once you first connect to light language. However I know, from my personal experience, that once you open up to it, the dialects, will only make it even more beautiful and diverse, than one might first feel it. The language of light is a modality to self healing, that once you awaken to remember, you'll be amazed at the hidden gems within you. 

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