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Mothers Day

mothers day, pacha mama, thank you

On this day I'm taking the opportunity to thank OUR mother

- yes our, yours and mine -

for providing for us with beautiful fresh air, fertile land and clean water.

I am so grateful for you, your strength, resilience and your ability to provide for all life.

An apology from me to you, on behalf of myself and my fellow humans, for not appreciating you the way you deserve.

For being unconsciously selfish, by not sharing all that you are - all your love. A love that I know, if you were given the opportunity, you would share with all of us. By providing for all of us, at any given moment.

I promise you that I will do better. That I will do what I can to show you how much I love you. By NOT taking you for granted, by caring and nurturing you, as if you were my daughter, as if you and I were One.

Know that I am so very grateful for you and that I love you - Now and Forever


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