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12 phases through the awakening proces.

When I first started to wake up, from my slumber, I felt going crazy. Not understanding what was going on with me, what I was going trough, nor whether it was true or false. I found a source, whom helped me at the beginning, without ever calling it awakening. This source, has a speed dial to the ethereal world, and so there were many answers, before I even could question everything. This source, was a great help, but I got to a point where I had to maneauvre this new energy and insights from my center.

I went out to the world, in search for help to self help. And so I found a great source, to find the answers within. A great methodology which is super powerful in the proces of awakening. A great source to quantum jump the healing proces, and release layer after layer, so to come back into your center. Your core, from where the answers are. This proces, became quickly my thing. And today I facilitate it, to help people to connect with their core and truth. It is a part of my 8 week program "Ignite Your Soul Wisdom", and so I am of service during some of your proces. I did try to facilitate weekly and "randomly", but it felt wrong for me, as the power of this is immense, and it felt, like teaching a toddler to bike only to release it into the most trafficked road. Not safe, and counter intuitive, to me.

In this method, there is a great 12 phase proces stage, that which, for me, and when I observe others in their proces, find them to be accurate. This 12 phases, are an indicator of where in your proces you are, yet to help you observe this proces, from a wider angel, and see the entire stage.

I will explain the phases in a little while. But first I need to address, something, that for me was left unsaid, yet I needed to figure out the hard way. The awakening proces, is not a linear proces, with a beginning and an end. No this proces is a circular proces always peeling away layers of programming, conditions and beliefs that are not yours. So when you read these phases, please be mindful, that you might be in the 11 phase, which means that you are nearly there... But nearly there with THIS layer. How many layers you go through is personal, yet you can rest assured that there are many. Yet don't be disheartened by this, because as you move through the most dense layers, the proces, becomes quicker, and sometimes, you don't even get to feel the pain, You actually just are, and observe from a point where there is only love. So although the beginning is hard, densed and protracted, as you move through your proces, and go through your layers, they begin to thin out, and become more light. So find joy in this beauty, because it is a wonderful journey.


1: Satisfaction: This is where you come to a conclusion, that something has to change. It is the acknowledging of the thing and surrendering to a proces. Building trust.

2: Dissatisfaction: You start feeling the first stages of transformation. Thus allowing the proces to take flight. Receiving intuitive guidance, and finding the path within. Merging the internal and external world. Feeling into the fact that when you fix whats inside you the outside will follow: as within so without.

3: Threshold: We feel a suspension between what we feel and what we know. Seeing our choice manifesting into reality. And so following our trust and inner guidance.

4: Disintegration: It is here we experience a bird view - so to speak - perspective on our programming / limiting belief system / story, and that which we are. This duality comes into a deeper perspective of awareness, and so we allow further to deepen our quest for truth.

5: Release: As we move deeper into our intuitive wisdom, and allow our right brain to guide us, we observe the program / system / story and that which is not ours to carry. And so we allow ourselves to let go of that particularly thing.

6: Awakening: As you let go of that thing, questions arises. And the exploration of your inner guidance commence on a deeper level, where answers are shown to you.

7: Illumination: Your exploration of the answers found within, deepen the feminine energy, the intuitive wisdom. Where your right brain activity and your intuitive wisdom is fully activated and thus processing the thing from a bird view perspective.

8: Choice: You encounter a choice of release, whether you accept your new wisdom as the truth, or you hold on to the old program / system / story.

9: Strengthening / failure: It is here that you observe the proces of discovery the self. You either strengthen the proces and fully accept your new wisdom, or you experience failure in a way of resistance towards the new. It is a "trick" from your left brain, which holds on to the old. This phase is also a component to really observe your truth and if your are ready for your choice.

10: Dark night of the soul: This is one of the "hardest" aspects of the awakening proces. It is here that en ego death occurs. And so we have to let go fully to that thing by surrendering to the proces, By trusting your inner guidance system, one which you've been programmed to distrust. And so a mayor colapse happens within, to make way for the new. It may feel dark and heavy, but is oh so wonderful to work trough.

11: Unitive State: On the other side of the ego death, a serene sensation arises, and oneness is birthed within. Your heart center is open, and receptive to life and all. And so both your intuitive wisdom and knowledge cooperate towards the bigger picture.

12: Reintegration: As you live in the bigger picture, in a cooperation on both your intuition and knowledge, your integrate this into your humanes, and your physical reality. Living from your heart being a sure signs that this is true.

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