My services are a magical combination of energy work and academic knowledge. A combination that offers you insights, advise, guidance and plan to action, through the process of becoming who you are on a soul level in human form, and translating that into a business. The single most scariest process found to date. Yet it is also one of the most important processes you can embark to shine your light.

Being a Graphic Designer, Architect and Energy Worker, my specialty is to offer energy work through design. It is here that I have found my ikigai, which is a Japanese concept stating your "reason for being". It is here that all that I am conspires to make a difference and being of service. It is here I shine. The services are designed to alleviate your time as a SoloPreneur so you can focus on what is important to you; your ikigai.

These programs and sessions are all conceptually designed within a context. However I'm a true believer of individuality so every program is customized to meet your needs and special vibe.

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This course is for you, if you are transitioning from live to digital. Building your workshops or programs in such ways that you can offer them on demand. It is an amazing journey, that enables you to help more people, across borders and timelines.

I help you create beautiful and user friendly e-solutions, all energy aligned to your business and user.

It is a course of knowledge sharing, design and energy work. Based on co-creation and guidance. Guiding you through the jungle of e-solutions, assisting you in finding the best format for you and your offer.

My role throughout the course is to simplify the process, so you can focus on creating your content.

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Today it is very important to have an online platform, a website, that showcases your offers. It is the first impression your audience gets, and it is so very important that it is aligned with you and your business. It needs to not only show your business and offers, but indeed your energy and you.

This is a website design course, where we co-create your solution, to fit your needs. I offer you guidance, support and energy work through design, to deliver a personal solution to your website.

My role is to create a beautiful website for you, that is aligned to your personal and business frequency, so your energy is radiantly visual. To attract your clients and be found in the jungle of the www.

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I offer Brand Identity design for SoloPreneur's, if there is an energy match between you and me.

I offer different solutions, depending on your needs. It might be anything from a logo and color board, to a more extensive Identity solution to an interior make over. Most importantly, my design is tuned into your frequencies, and will represent you on every level.

If you feel I'm the one to create your Brand Identity, either send me a few lines with your thoughts, or book a free session to meet up.



- a guide to thrive in your business from an Ayurvedic perspective


BOOK an alignment session If you are experiencing a mis-alignment in your business and brand identity.

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If you want to take the first step towards frequency and energy alignment as a SoloPreneur, you can start with a free color alignment session on your brand identity. The session is a mixture of energy work and academic knowledge. I do an energy reading, then we meet on Skype / Whats App, where we talk about any changes that can be made, to help you take small, yet powerful steps towards a brand identity color alignment.

This is an online 15 minute meet-up.

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This offer, is a thorough examination of your brand identity and website, your personal frequencies and clients. It is through a mixture of energy work and academic knowledge, that I offer this alignment session. I do an energy reading prior our session.

On our session, I offer advise and guidance on any changes - small or big - that can be done to align your Brand Identity to your frequencies. We discuss different possibilities and steps you can take to create harmony and transform your Brand Identity and 

eventually business.

With this reading you get a 60 minute online meet up, and 5 follow up Q&A emails, where I'll answer any questions and offer support on the steps you take towards a Brand Identity transformation.

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This offer, is a thorough examination of your website, your personal frequencies and clients. It is through a mixture of energy work and academic knowledge, that I offer this alignment session. I do an energy reading prior our session, when we meet on Skype / Whats App, I pin point any mis-alignment and together we talk about what you can do to create harmony on your website.

Apart from my reading and a 30 minute online meet up, you also get 3 follow up Q&A emails, where I'll answer any questions and offer support on your website makeover.

Remember Energy is all there really is. Everything is energy. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

So why not make the most of it and use frequency alignment to be what you want to become.

​© 2021 by Elina Ochoa

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