Small living is what Elina calls a lifestyle, lead by simplicity, your heart and your core values. It is a lifestyle that nourishes and supports a simple and fulfilling life, so that all aspects of your life; your emotions, your space, your finances, your tribe all comply to fulfill your deepest truth in your day to day life. Small living has a small impact on the world, yet a huge impact on your internal world. Small living is all about Living More with less.

Elina has for many years researched and gained hands on experience with small living. It all started before architecture school when she had to downsize her belongings by half to fit in a small apartment. Her life has since that initial downsizing taken her further along the rabbithole. To integrate all aspects of her life, to align with her deepest truth. She knows that Small living is a personal journey. She has gone through the various stages and process required to become comfortable with this lifestyle and knows that you might need support during the transition towards Small living.




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