This service is rooted in simplicity and design, and born from Elinas core strength, her leading dots. She is a creative designer with an eye for details and an intuitive being with insights. From there she has created two options for service: ideation and creation.  


She mixes and incorporates both her creativity and her intuition in her service, that is made to help you on your day to day life, whether it being in your business or in your private space. With a design perspective and intuitive insights, the simplicity she offers has the power to transform obstacles into possibilities.

This is how it works:

This is you.

Your dots.

Your story.

Your Subject.

This is Ideation.

Connecting the dots. Conceptualizing a vision. Identifying possibilities.

Researching possible options.

This is creation.

Beautifying your dots.

Detailing the vision. Materializing the idea.

Hands on creation.



​© 2021 by Elina Ochoa

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