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This service is rooted in simplicity and design, and born from Elinas core strength, her leading dots. She is a creative designer with an eye for details and an intuitive being with insights. 


She uses her know how to help you go deeper into a vision or idea you have, that might bring greatness to the world. The extents and depth of the work, depends on your needs. You can either hire her to do it for you, or to guide you through. 

Below are the main stages through Product Development, they are listed linearly, however the work is circular and fluid.


With a design perspective, we research and analyse the core of your vision. We dive deep into the hows, whats, whos, whys, whens and wheres.


Elinas nerdy approach ensures a sound path for your vision. 

We define the field, by programming the vision.


With a programmed vision and a field, IDEATION AND FORM can emerge. The potential of your vision gets clarified, analysed and materialized, through a playful approach. Modeling, prototyping and user centered development are some of the tools we'll use.

An architectural and graphic background sets the tone for the end result, yet Elinas multidimensionality comes into play throughout this stage.

We define the vision, by giving it form


Production can come in many forms. Either digital, physical or even metaphorical.

This stage is mostly rooted in guidance, where we find the most suitable manufacturer for your vision. In the field of graphic design, Elina can be the producer, yet this varies and depends on your vision.

We create greatness, by producing the vision.

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