What is inspired action? My thoughts on inspired action, and the mechanism behind it.


My experience of the proces when you live a life in a high frequency and suddenly drop in frequency.

Sharing the wisdom behind to powerful designs that I've created: Peaceful and Magnetic Blueprint.

What helped me through my initial awakening proces, and refrained me from going crazy!

My thoughts on meditation and a quick tip to move past the unstoppable mind.

The magic for 11/11 2017.

Trying to explain the difference between your Spirit, Higher Self and Soul.

One way that your higher self guides you to be the best version of you in human form.

I'm tying up loose ends, since I never finished my cavalcade on tips to heighten your personal frequency vlogging. Videos might come up soon, for now read here

A quick presentation of my work, and what it does. Enjoy!

A tip on how to heighten your personal frequency. Mindfully observing what you feed your body and mind.

My thoughts on a powerful ritual for for your daily practice. To embody gratefulness and change your life.

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