Hi I'm Elina, I'm a designer and energyworker, striving to make a difference in this world by sharing my knowledge and wisdom.

I'm intuitive and highly sensitive. I feel energy, vibrations and oscillation and for as long as I remember, been using sacred geometries to heal myself. I believe in our ability to heal our selves through creative play, thus allowing compassionate release. Where words aren't necessary, only sacred geometries, high frequencies and your inner wisdom's ability to guide you.

I have a healthy skepticism and a thirst for knowledge and need to know and understand through first hand experience. I need to know why and dive deep to explore the unknown in search for answers.

I've searched for answers within and outside my self. Answers that made sense and given me an extensive academic repertoire. Yet it wasn't until I stopped searching for a while, that the most amazing answers came within.



To raise the frequencies in this world, one person at a time.

Through creative play and guidance.


I know how to release it, due to a personal journey experiencing the impact stagnant energy has on our well being.


By sharing energy work through design  




I design pieces, that help you, gain wisdom and peace. My design is created to help you heal and release any old and stagnant energy through creative play, so you can joyfully thrive.

I intuitively serve you through programs that help you release the old, to make way for the new. To help you align with your truth and light.

I offer support, guidance and advise for those who may need it. By sharing my story, my intuitive wisdom and insights that come in divine timing.

A merge of soul wisdom and academic knowledge, is the recipe for my work and these creations. Everything is created for you to release the old and awaken your true potential.



I see and believe the best in people

I'm from nowwhere and everywhere. A world citizen and traveller

I speak three languages

I'm stuborn

I'm self sustained

I'm highly sensitive

My childhood



I believe we rise by lifting others and that by sharing our truth is the only way to thrive in life.

I know that the energy you share is the energy you get back.

I'm a yoga instructor.

I lead from the heart.

I believe surrendering is the key to deep personal transformation.

I'm a mother of one little girl.

I grow my own food.

I'm a nerd.

I use Ayurveda to help me keep a healthy lifestyle and business, I'm vata/pita.

I'm Aquarian and a Chinese goat.

I'm a cat person.

Favorite saying: Uncertainty is the only certain thing in life.


​© 2021 by Elina Ochoa

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