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Elina Ochoa is a brand in motion, a compilation of Elinas various fields of interest. 


Following her inner compass, Elina guides, creates and designs for clients from a multidimensional perspective. There is no box, it’s just her, doing what she does best, connecting all aspects of her being into her doing; the work she offers.


Her work is a perfect mixture of intuitive wisdom and academic know how. She is an architect, graphic designer and yoga teacher and also an intuitive and energy worker, that creates and shares from a space in-between realms. 


Elina says:

“I’m a simple person, aiming to help people in the best possible way. My service is super simple and aligns my being with my doing. “


Her simplicity becomes complex when we try to put things into a box or a certain category. Because one of her aspects cannot be without the other, yet at the same time there is no box that contains all aspects. And it was here that this brand was born. It is here her simplicity thrives, it is here that her multidimensionality exists and it is here that Elina can help you in the best possible way.

If this resonates, do browse through her site to see what she creates. If that appeals to your senses, connect. Because chances are, your where lead here, for reasons yet to be revealed.

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